Pennine way primary school


  • Edgehill Road, Harraby, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 3SL
    Welcome to Pennine Way Primary School

    We hope that this helps you to find out more about us, but if there’s something you can’t see or find please do pop in and see us.  Making sure you find the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make, and we want to assist you if we possibly can.  We also want to make sure communication remains excellent during your child’s time here, so we can help your child achieve their very best .......and more!

    Pennine Way is an exciting place to be.  We are a growing school.  We are also a moving school.  Our new premises are just about complete and we are part-way through moving in.  The classrooms are ready, but some of the landscaping and the sports arena are not yet finished for our use.     These should be complete, along with the cycle track, by  Summer 2016.   All the children have been involved in designing our new building – they have amazing ideas that we hope will turn our new “ordinary” building into an “extra-ordinary” place to be.  Come and visit us and see for yourselves? 


    Sue Blair



    • An Advent Calendar with a difference!

      Instead of taking a gift out each day we are hoping to "give" rather than "receive" 

      We have 25 boxes and we hope that our community will donate a gift and put them into our boxes so we can share with the food bank.

      Give and take, care and share.......let's do this together!

    • Christmas Productions  - 12-16th December

      Carol Concert with Salvation Army -  16th December 12:30pm








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