After School Clubs

Your child may apply for as many clubs as you like – but we try and ensure every child gets at least one club. You will be notified if your child has been successful.

Club Day and time
Drawing and Sketching (Year 2,3 and 4)         Monday 3:10pm - 4pm
Football (Year 4, 5 and 6) Monday 3:10pm - 4pm
Quest Club (Year 3 and 4) Monday 3:10pm - 4pm
Crafty Club (KS1) Monday 3:10pm - 4pm
Gymnastics (Year 1 ) Monday 3:10pm - 4pm
Games Club (Year 4,5 and 6) Tuesday 3:10pm - 4pm
Dance (KS2) Tuesday 3:10pm - 4pm
Crafty Club (KS2) Tuesday 3:10pm - 4pm
Phonics (KS1) Tuesday 3:10pm - 4pm
Learn Its Club (Year 3 and 4) Thursday 3:10pm -4pm
Multi-skills (Year 2,3 and 4) Friday 3:10pm - 4pm