The first thing to say about being a Governor is that whilst at times it can be a demanding role it is also a very rewarding role to perform. There are a number of responsibilities attached to the role but in general terms a Governor, working as part of a Governing Board, works with the school to ensure it delivers good quality education in a safe and vibrant environment.

Collectively the Governing Board help shape a schools vision by setting aims and objectives, holds the Head Teacher to account for educational performance by setting standards, and oversees financial performance through budget management. You do not need to have a child at the school to do this and you do not need specific qualifications. You just need to be over 18, pass a formal check and be willing to make your own individual contribution. The best Governing Boards are those made up of people with different qualities, backgrounds and life experiences.

The real benefit of being a School Governor is it allows you to give something back to the local community whilst at the same time knowing that in some way you have helped make a difference.

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Mr. Davidson Mrs. Brennan Mr. Irving Mr. Boom
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Mrs. Kania Mrs. Mulholland Mr. Reed Mr. Issitt
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