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Phonics- Song of Sounds

We use a scheme called Song of Sounds to inform our planning and teaching of phonics. Song of Sounds is a systematic, synthetic phonics programme which runs from EYFS to Year 2. The programme teaches children to read and write by introducing them to the sounds that they hear in words (phonemes) and their written equivalent (graphemes). Children learn to blend sounds together to read words and segment words in order to spell them. It is a multi-sensory phonics programme which is hands on and interactive with music, movement and practical activities at its core to ensure that children enjoy the phonics learning process. 


Children are taught in their class and in addition to this, we have intervention groups running for pupils who need extra support to catch up, including pupils in Key Stage 2 who are yet to master some of the phonics skills they need to support their reading and writing. ugh teaching assistants teach intervention groups for those children who need extra support.


Common Exception Words 

Common exception words are words that do not follow the common phonetic spelling rules. They are sometimes referred to as tricky words. They are words which appear frequently in texts and help readers to understand what they are reading, for example 'the' in Reception. We send copies of these words home so that children can practise reading them easily and at speed.

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