What is the Wellbeing Centre?

Here at Pennine Way we work to establish and maintain an ethos where children feel safe and secure and will be listened to in an open and positive environment. We actively seek the views of children, listening to them and involving them in decisions giving the pupil a voice about their education and emotional wellbeing.

The school’s wellbeing centre is the 'Heart of the School'. Mrs Naylor and Sophie McMullen both work with children in the wellbeing centre. The wellbeing centre is a special place that children and families can come to for many different activities using holistic approach:

  • Enable children and families to reach their full potential within the school and local community
  • Enable children to develop their self confidence, self-esteem and make positive choices now and in the future
  • Help children to look after their body and mind and recognise the importance of emotional wellbeing
  • Make friends, co-operate with other children, learn and develop social skills, work in groups, develop empathy for others, turn take and share
  • Talk about and share worries or problems that can affect school or home life
  • Help children to build resilience and self awareness
  • Help children develop positive behaviours
  • Enable children to learn how to keep themselves safe in the community and online
  • Signpost children and families to outside agencies if and when required