Child Support

What is mentoring and how is it offered?

Mentoring can be offered on a one to one basis or as part of a group mentoring of similar children experiencing the same worries or issues. The work addresses a range of issues such as building confidence, self esteem, friendship issues or helping children to manage feelings and worries. Together they will help explore the causes of the problems and help develop an understanding and self awareness of how to manage such worries. These run for as long as the child and mentor feels that the sessions are needed and the child feels more confident and resilient.  Help for these children will continue through the transition periods of their lives, moving classes and year groups and into secondary school.

What group sessions are offered in the wellbeing centre?

We offer a range of groups for children that can run for a term or as long as a child needs. Group sessions depend on the needs of the children and are tailored to the group’s needs and preferences. Group sessions can include:

  • Friendship groups
  • Circle timeRelationship work
  • Mindfulness and relaxation
  • Building resilience
  • Getting active
  • Preparation for times of transition
  • Cookery and life skills
  • Transition work
  • Love Rocks

What else does Dingley Dell offer at Pennine Way Primary School?

The wellbeing centre also helps to organise many school events and school activities that involve the whole school! Below are just some examples of activities that the wellbeing centre is involved in.

  • Children can participate in the School Council or become a peer mentor for younger children.
  • Children can participate in the children’s safeguarding and online safety committee, Children can participate in the chess and board games club, chill and relaxation sessions, along with story time for the whole school during lunch time.
  • Dingley Dell offers the chance for children to apply for coloured jumpers. A coloured jumper role represents different roles and responsibilities of children at Pennine Way. Children can apply for a number of different roles that focus on prompting positive choices, behaviour and making the right choices. Here  are some examples of coloured jumpers that could be applied for by each child - ‘Healthy choices’, Wellbeing centre helpers also known as ‘Dingley Dell helpers’, ‘Breakfast club helpers’, ‘buddies’, ‘junior governors’, ‘peer mentors’, ‘leaders’, ‘safety monitors’ and ‘prefects’.
  • The well being centre is also involved in and promotes the benefits of the ‘Breakfast club’ run at Pennine Way Primary School. The breakfast club emphasises the importance of eating breakfast every day, healthy eating, promotes positive mental health and the development of social skills