Be in the line at a quarter to nine.

As well as making sure your child comes to school every day it is extremely important that children are at school on time. They should be in the line at ten to nine (lined up in the playground ready to start the day.) Even just a few minutes a day adds up over the year, we begin our learning as soon as we enter the classroom working on our early bird mental maths tasks. Being late in the morning means missing this valuable maths teaching which equips the children with valuable mental maths skills which helps them succeed in maths lessons and in later life.

When making doctor, dentist or hospital appointments please try wherever possible to make these for after the end of the school day

Regular and punctual school attendance is important and at Pennine Way we monitor attendance closely throughout the school terms. Pupils need to attend school regularly if they are to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them.

Mrs Naylor and Mrs Brooks are always available to speak to in the Wellbeing Centre (Dingley Dell) if you or your child has any concerns or queries regarding attendance or worries about coming to school.