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Art and Design Curriculum

Art and Design Curriculum Intent

Pennine Way Primary School understands that art and design allow pupils to develop their skills and knowledge through a creative and practical curriculum. This subject offer pupils a chance to use creative thinking and activity within a defined purpose and tangible outcome. Our school is committed to nurturing pupils’ curiosity and creativity, as well as preparing them for living in a modern world where technology is rapidly changing and advancing.


At Pennine Way  we have chosen to focus on teaching the children the skills which underpin the area of learning such as; painting, collage, modelling, drawing, and printing. These studies are repeated, however the skills are progressive. The skills taught throughout the year will be both practical and creative and lead into an Artist focus and a piece of Art based on this in depth study.


In the Foundation Unit we will be looking at the skills and knowledge outlined in Development Matters in the section of Expressive Arts and Design. In terms of our SEND provision we pride ourselves on providing an inclusive curriculum. SEND children will be able to access Art lessons alongside their peers but will be given extra support or resources where needed.

The children’s skill development will follow a clear progression between each year group building on their previous learning, revisiting previously learnt skills and addressing any misconceptions. This will help the children to have a deeper understanding of the knowledge and skills as well as improving their long term memory.

Art and Design Curriculum Map

Our Curriculum Map for Art and Design gives an overview of what is taught in each year group and in which half term it will be taught. There will be an Art and Design focus three half terms per year. 

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