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CPSHSRE Curriculum

Our Citizenship, Personal, Social, Health, Sex and Relationships Education Curriculum conveys the crucial motivational message that everyone within our school community is able to achieve their potential. Keeping our children safe through the promotion of spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development and preparing pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life is the goal of our Jigsaw Programme. Where being me in my world, celebrating differences, dreams and goals, healthy me, relationships and changing me, support our skills in becoming the best you, you can be.

CPSHSRE Curriculum Intent

In CPSHSRE at Pennine Way Primary School, our intent is to help children to become more resilient learners and to equip them with the life skills they need in order to form good relationships with others. CPSHSRE will teach children how families and relationships are presented in many different ways and to celebrate these differences. Children will learn how to form good relationships and what being a good friend means. They will also learn how to stay safe when communicating online and know what to do and who to tell if they feel unsafe. At Pennine Way our intent is to teach children the skills to equip them in order to feel safe, happy and a confident member of our school community.

CPSHSRE Curriculum Implementation

To implement this we have introduced ‘Jigsaw’, which is a scheme of work that breaks down the key aspects of CPSHSRE into age appropriate units of work including Relationships and Sex Education. The whole school has the same theme to focus on and that theme is then broken down to suit the age of the learners and to ensure that the content being taught is appropriate. We deliver this through a range of different learning styles, giving the children lots of opportunities to share their views with others as well as reflect on these. We also ensure that the children are given meditation time so that they can take time to pause and think, which has been shown to help their cognitive skills. 


Our wellbeing Centre, Dingley Dell, is the heart of our school and provides a vast array of well being support for our children and their families. This includes pro-active multi-agency working. Dingley Dell ensures that when a member of staff or a family/ community member has concerns over a child’s safety or well-being that an appropriate action is immediately put in place. KIDSAFE sessions provide opportunities for children to discuss “yucky” feelings and know how to deal with them. Dingley Dell and the wider school community teach children about resilience and discuss their life choices, being able to take turns, and social skills to give them the building blocks for when they leave the primary setting. We also ensure that on-line safety sessions are delivered throughout the school on a regular basis including LOVE ROCKS sessions with Upper Key Stage 2. As well as this, Dingley Dell staff look carefully at each child’s attendance and have home visits and well being meetings to discuss any attendance issues. This is vital towards each child’s education as every minute not in school has a big impact on their future learning.

CPSHSRE Curriculum Map

Our Curriculum Map for CPSHSRE gives an overview of what is taught during each half term in each year group. There is a different CPSHSRE focus each half term which is the same for the whole school but the content delivered within each year group is progressive and links to key parts of the school year, e.g. 'Being me in my world' during the first half term of the year when children start their new classes and 'Changes' in the last half term of the year when children are getting ready to transition into their new classes.

CPSHSRE Curriculum Skills and Critical Content

Our curriculum skills for CPSHSRE show the progression of skills and themes throughout each year group in each individual study. In addition to being taught as a discrete weekly Jigsaw lesson, opportunities to develop skills from the CPSHSRE curriculum and revisited daily as well as when specific needs arise. 

CPSHSRE Curriculum Impact

At Pennine Way we want our children to be safe and to feel safe and to know who to tell if they do not feel safe. It is vital that our children know the online risks to them and how to prevent these especially with social media being such an integral part of all children’s lives. We want our children to celebrate difference and be confident with who they are and be accepting of others, their family situations, religion or sexual orientation. Our children will leave school having a good understanding of their bodies, the proper names for their body parts, and the differences between girls and boys.  We want our children to leave our school well-rounded individuals who are resilient, empowered and have aspirations so that in their teenage and adult life they feel well both physically and mentally, and they achieve their best academically so that they can go on to have a career of their choice.



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