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Design and Technology Curriculum

Our Design and Technology Curriculum enthusiastically brings collaboration to the classroom. Where the skills and knowledge of; designing, structures, mechanisms, control and materials, are meaningful and more importantly they are made fun.  Health and safety skills intrinsically support our use of tools, electrical systems and cooking appliances as we develop, model and evaluate our products. Feel, taste and bring to life your imagination.

Design and Technology Curriculum Intent

Our intent for Design and Technology is to provide a curriculum that enables children the opportunity to show their ability to design and create through practical activities. There is a clear progression of skills and knowledge from Early Years through to the end of Key Stage 2. Our Design and Technology Curriculum is a very practical one; we aim for the children to evaluate, plan, design, make and evaluate like a real engineer, designer, chef and gain experience in solving real life problems by creating a range of products for a variety of audiences and purposes. We pride ourselves on providing an inclusive curriculum; pupils with SEND needs  will be able to access Design and Technology lessons alongside their peers but will be given extra support or resources where needed.


Design and Technology Curriculum Implementation

To implement our Design and Technology vision for the school we have created a curriculum where the three strands of cooking and nutrition, textiles and construction are taught each year with a different focus of skill development in each. 


Each study incorporates designing, making, evaluating and developing an understanding of technical knowledge and incorporates learning about famous designers as well as producing an end product for each study. 


During each study, pupils consider audience, design briefs, analyse products already available on the market and develop skills in design methods, including the use of CAD (Computer Aided Design) programmes.


The implementation of cooking and nutrition within the Design and Technology curriculum uses resources from Phunky Foods to give the children an exciting curriculum which will range from making a fruit kebab in EYFS all the way to cooking a meal for parents in Year 6. Phunky Foods will also come into school to provide Food Technology sessions for children working with their parents.


Design and Technology Curriculum Map

Our Curriculum Map for Design and Technology curriculum gives an overview of what is taught in each year group and in which term it will be taught. All year groups have three Design and Technology studies throughout the year, one will be focused on Cooking and Nutrition, one will have a textiles focus and the third a construction focus. We believe that this will give the children the chance to access a broad and rich curriculum. Where appropriate, studies have been placed to work alongside studies from other subjects, e.g. during Year 4 explore electrical system which is great progression from their Electricity study in Science.  this links into their science that they are doing at the same time. Of course, some not every subject interlinks with one another and a majority of our DT curriculum is based the on availability of cooking resources, or using a construction kit to create a toy car in Year 1 during a History study about Toys. These links ensure that children can make connections and support long term memory. 


Design and Technology Curriculum Skills and Critical Content

Our Curriculum skills for Design and Technology show the progression of skills within each year group as well as each strand of the Design and Technology Curriculum. 


Cooking and Nutrition is taught in every year group and is a priority for our school and pupils to build on their understanding in being healthy, food origins, food preparation and safety, as well as practical skills e.g. cutting, grating and cooking. 


During each study, pupils have the opportunity to design, make, evaluate and develop their understanding of technical knowledge through a range of real life projects and activities.

Design and Technology Impact

The impact of Design and Technology at Pennine Way Primary School will be measured through the skills that children will learn which they can then apply to aspects of their later life. Summative assessments will show this progress and will provide us with the knowledge and skills to address any gaps in learning throughout the school. Our well structured curriculum will mean that children are excited and enthusiastic about Design and Technology and that is our ultimate goal as a school.

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