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Equality Council

Equality Council


As a school, we value consultation with our children and listen to their views. In light of this,

at the beginning of the school year, children are invited to run for the Equality Council. In September, each class vote for who they think should represent their class on the Equality School Council. It is amazing to see how many of the children want to put themselves forward for selection. The Equality Council meets regularly to discuss school improvement issues along with suggestions and concerns from the school community. Ms. Blair and Mr. Beattie will support the council to help make decisions that will most benefit the school.


Each week we will focus on a  theme.


The themes will be:


Curriculum - learning and teaching and how we can make it even better.

SEND - how everyone is different and how we can support one another.

Wellbeing - how we make sure PWPS helps everyone to feel safe and happy.  How might we help others in our community, in other communities and around the world?


There will also be a chance for classes to raise any issues that they want EQ to talk about and help come up with solutions.

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