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Extra-curricular Activities

At Pennine Way we offer extra curricular after school clubs for all pupils with a focus on the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development underpinning these. Clubs change each half term and focus on the specific needs and interests of the children. Most clubs are offered to one year group at a time but there are always clubs available to all pupils from Reception to Year 6. 


Curriculum support

Some clubs offer extra curriculum support which directly develop confidence or give additional support in closing identified gaps in a given subject. Examples include our phonics and Times Tables Rockstars club.



Opportunities to play sports are very important to many pupils at our school so we offer a balance of clubs ran by school staff and those run by sports coaches to further develop skills taught in school. This also supports children who have a particular interest in a sport but no opportunities out of school to pursue this, e.g. Badminton is taught in our PE curriculum during years 3 and 5 and offered as an after school activity during years 4 and 6 enabling all pupils to have the opportunity to progress in the sport over 4 years. There is similar organisation for cricket and rugby coaches. Other clubs such as football club which is very popular, run throughout the school year. As well as the physical benefits of these clubs, they also support and promote good mental health and well being. 


Curriculum Enrichment

whereas others focus on enrichment activities for example story club or craft club. A number of clubs also have a focus on well being and social skills, for example board games club or yoga club. Examples of clubs which support pupils interest in different curriculum areas include Drama club, choir, Quest club, cooking club and Eco club. All pupils have the opportunity to access music tuition with all pupils learning to play the violin as part of their music curriculum within school. 


We strive to ensure that throughout each school year, everyone has the opportunity to take part in a club of specific interest to them.

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